Neuer Standort seit März 2012
Neues Mitronic Vertriebsteam
27. - 29. September 2016
Automotive Testing Expo 2016
Shanghai, China

Flexibility is our strength

Mitronic develops and manufactures electronic ballast and high-voltage ignitor for a wide range of discharge lamps in the 50 W to 4 kW power range. We design and manufacture light fittings and complete lighting systems for film, TV, events, trade fairs, technology, research and architecture.
The realisation of unusual projects using the latest technologies is our strength. The 19-inch technology with DMX control in the ballast area has long-since become a company standard. Our products are manufactured and tested at our own factory. This results in enormous flexibility and guarantees our high quality standard. In many projects we have proven that technical functionality can also satisfy aesthetic demands.