Neuer Standort seit März 2012
Neues Mitronic Vertriebsteam
27. - 29. September 2016
Automotive Testing Expo 2016
Shanghai, China

Crash lighting for every use

In the course of improvements in vehicle safety is has become necessary to conduct
numerous crash tests. Not only complete vehicles, but also components such as seats,
safety belts and airbags are tested.
For even better and more precise evaluations, cameras with up to 4,000 images per
second are used. This requires lighting which generates flicker-free light of a high
intensity. This is only possible with discharge lamps. Our electronic ballasts with a
rectangular output voltage are ideally suited to this.
To achieve an even higher light intensity in a crash, the electric power of the lighting
is doubled for approx. 10 sec. shortly before the collision. This process is referred
to as boosting, it has virtually no impact on the life-cycle of the lamp.