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27. - 29. September 2016
Automotive Testing Expo 2016
Shanghai, China

Solar simulation for a wide range of uses

The influence of solar irradiation on our lives is enormous. The spectrum of this radiation ranges from 100 nm to 4,000 nm. It is subdivided into UVC, UVB, UVA, the visible range and infrared and has an impact on most modern materials (plastics, paints, etc.)
Before materials come on the market, they must therefore be exposed to solar irradiation. This takes place in so-called outdoor weathering facilities or specially designed climatic chambers.
Virtually every environmental condition can be simulated in these chambers (frost, heat, rain, altitude).
The sun is simulated by means of light fixtures with discharge lamps. The emitted irradiation is very similar to the global radiation of the sun. This enables aging of 5–8 years to be simulated by endurance tests with changing climatic conditions within 6 weeks.